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Ab Wheel – Review. Get that six-pack

Looking to build a lean and strong body? Then do not ignore your middle section. Nothing screams “ripped!” more, than a lean waist and abs of steel. Strong abdominal and lower back muscles not only serve an aesthetic purpose, they serve also as protection of your internal organs and the spine. There is huge emphasis on core development in the athletic world. Strong middle section is also a guarantee for a healthy life without back injuries and even digestion problems. Many athletes will agree to the statement, that power comes from the core. Although core control, generation of power and correct breathing is a totally different topic in itself.

Of course you know, that there are ways you can develop your six pack muscles without the use of additional equipment, and that is true to an extent. Lowering your caloric intake for a period of months will surely make the abs more visible. Basic bodyweight exercises will shape the muscle. Just that there are over 30 muscles in the core area of the human body. This requires a wide spectrum of exercises to work out all of them and it is more time consuming.

This is where the Ab wheel or Ab roller comes in to play. Especially martial artists and fight sports athletes know this piece of gym equipment very well. Because working out with an ab roller yields amazing results. And the benefits that come from a well-developed core are hard to ignore. All frontal muscles including shoulders, chest, abdominals, the wide lats on the back, and even legs will get a hard and intense workout. For you aesthetics out there – the ab wheel carves the love handle area because leg flexion is also involved, that same place where the thigh connects to the hip bone. This area is a very important aspect of V-taper and overall body proportion. Even very advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts will benefit from the ab wheel.

Let’s review some popular models available on the net:

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Designed by a US Navy seal, this product is built very ergonomically. The grips are rubberized and bent, to conform to the natural hand, palm and wrist position. The checkering on the grips makes it easy to hold even when sweating. The wheel has a metal return spring which helps on the negative part of the repetition. This makes the ab wheel beginner friendly. The design features one big wheel, instead of usual two. The wheel is rounded at the sides, which allows for comfortable changes in body alignment and carving of the serrations on the ribs. Appealing design and ease of assembly made it one of the most popular ab wheel on the net.

Comes in a package with additional equipment, if bought from amazon. Knee pads are also included, so you don’t have to make or buy your own. See more details…

There is a similar product like the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Sport,

but it does not have a return spring, and can be quite hardcore for the beginner. Just start out slow, build your strength gradually, and you will be fine.

Ultimate Body Press Ab Wheels

Quite different approach to abs ab-wheel training. Instead of one wheel, there are two. This allows more freedom in hand motion and positioning, thus increasing the demand on coordination, stability and strength of the muscles. Especially strength of the arms, back and internal stabilizer muscles of the shoulders. Let’s not forget, that the main emphasis still remains on the frontal core and abdominal area. This fitness toll is multifunctional, your imagination is the limit:

  1. Ab-wheel. Different variations of rollouts, even with one hand. Core development.
  2. Push-up stands/handles. Upper body development.
  3. Chest fly machine or peck deck if you like. Warning-hardcore!

Current device has foam covered handles for more comfort, rubber wheels for your floor:), and bearings for ruggedness. Do not be misled by the simplicity of the equipment. It will transform your willpower in to a beautiful body.

Will last for years, good addition to every gym. Read more reviews about it…

Dual Ab Wheel

Classic dual ab wheel design. Two wheels provide more stability and robustness. Constructed on a single piece of metal axis. The wheels are rubber coated to preserve the flooring. Contoured handles accommodate the palms. The effects when working out are basically the same as with more expensive ab wheels, but without the added comfort, ergonomics and reliability.

Budget Ab wheel – See more…

Tip: Just add a drop of oil on the axis, where the plastic wheel rotates, this way your ab wheel will last you for years.

Blue Max gas powered chainsaws – Review

A cheap chainsaw, that has the potential to do the job. But the overall build quality has much room for improvement. Also many buyers, that have reviewed the chainsaw, are not pleased with the purchase, because the chainsaw has serious reliability issues. This saw is not meant for professional use. If youre not planning to do serious wood cutting, this saw might suit your needs.

The Pros:

Cheap, powerful.

The Cons:

Bar and chain oiler is prone to failure, causing excessive heating of the chain bar and seizing of the chain.

The chain tensioner is prone to failure.

The chainsaw is hard to restart when the engine is warm.

User manuals are poor.

Blue Max chainsaws are available in various bar sizes – read more: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”