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How to Work Safely Using Chainsaws


Although the chainsaw is a popular tool for outdoors – it is not a toy. It cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. Be very careful when cutting small branches or even brushes, or any timber, where the tip of the chain guide/bar is not visible. You are setting yourself for “kickback”, and trust me, you will not like the view of the saw flying at your head. This usually happens when the saw tip does not cut, but flips the whole unit over. To avoid this, never “dig” your saw into the timber, the bar tip must always be visible. Cut with upper and lower edges of the bar.

One more thing to note is – prepare your workplace. The surface where you will be cutting must be stable. The surroundings must allow a quick escape. If the timber falls unpredictably, or a branch falls from a tree, you’d better be prepared to run or dodge, and not stumble on your own working saw. Don’t be lazy to clean up and prepare.

Always wear protective gear, does not matter, if it’s comfortable or uncomfortable, hot or cold. Get yourself some eye protection, kevlar pants or chaps and a helmet. A must if you’re even thinking of some serious woodworking.

A lesson about kickback: