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Cards Against Humanity Review

Feeling naughty? Then give this game a try. Highly amusing and hilarious randomness will spark up your gatherings with friends. Cards against Humanity will make the shy blush and the bold awkward.

There are a set of “innocent” sentences on black cards. The sentences have missing words for players to fill in. Each player receives white cards with words to fill in the sentences. And that is where the real fun begins, or awkwardness. The game will expand your imagination and provide great entertainment, because the created phrases will be on the border of absurdity.

A good sense of self humour is also needed, because some sentences might tease the player himself.

Anyway, the game promises long hours of fun and entertainment for you and your friends. With over 500 cards, there are almost unending combinations of random funny phrases, that can be created. Also there are new releases of cards available, that make the game even more fun.

So, are you still feeling bold?

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