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How To Keep Your PC Safe and Smooth For Free – Part 3

Lets talk PC maintenance…

3. Get the right performance enhancing software. Don’t get too exited though. What i’m about to tell you will not super charge your PC. But you can expect smooth and stable performance from your beloved device, just like you bought it new from the shop, or slightly better. If you follow my steps, that is… Get Auslogics Disk Defrag and CCleaner, don’t worry it’s free.

Disk Defrag is a little faster than Windows standard defragmenter. If you do not know, defragmenting process is similar to packing all scattered data on your hard drive to one place. You get this scatter from installing and uninstalling of software, copying, moving, creating and deleting files. To find and read this scattered data takes more time. On the other side, compact data requires less movement of the hard drive’s physical parts, which results in faster load times = Good for you! Defragmenting is the finishing touch of your PC maintenance. Just like sealing a cars paint with wax, after the car was cleaned and polished. First we must clean the PC of all accumulated junk.

As i said about safe browsing, delete temporary internet files from your browsers.
Uninstall unused and forgotten programs, and delete obsolete documents and files.
Clean your recycle bin.
Update your antivirus and software that should be up to date, you should know better:).
Run CCleaner. Use CCleaner to clean your registry and junk files that are still left from updates etc.
Do “EXTRA” (or skip this step).
Reboot PC.
Close all programs – Run DIskDefrag.
Reboot PC.
You’re done!!! Congratulations!!!

The “EXTRA”:
Feeling bold? Then have a look at your boot configuration. For Windows 7 Start->All Programs->Accessories->Run, type “msconfig”. If Hugh?, then back off, if not – don’t be afraid to look, be afraid to change something. There you should see familiar processes and programs, that load with windows at startup. Remove from startup list programs and services you do not need. If you found something suspicious on the list – investigate legitimacy. Get the info about the service on the net. If you found suspicious startup services and disabled them, then i suggest you turn of your internet connection, boot in safe mode and run your antivirus + Roguekiller + Removeit. Because malicious file could copy itself back on the hard drive if it runs in your RAM memory and the other way around – back to RAM. Boot in normal again. Continue steps…

Anyway, i hope these tips will provide a safe and pleasant use of your PC.

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Let’s continue about antiviruses. This part might be quite advanced for you, so proceed at your own risk.

Having a good mainstream antivirus, backed up by not so known maintenance software like RogueKiller or RemoveIt Pro provides a robust security platform for your PC. And best of all these tools are free to download. I get no commision, but i do recommend them.
One thing to note about RemoveIt Pro is, don’t be in a hurry and delete all files that the software thinks are suspicious. Because not all of them are malicious. Some of those files might be your drivers! Research the name of the file in google. There are plenty of good information on the net about the file that you will be searching for. Eventuall you will find out if it’s suspicious or not. Also look where the file is located on your harddrive, and when it was created. If you recall when you experienced the first signs of cyber flu, check if the suspicious file was created close to this date. If yes, then there is a serious reason to sterilize this file. After this innitial investigation and knowing which files detected are your “good” ones, save the list somewhere in a text file.

With new software, that YOU installed, the list might need updating. Later you will have to check only the new files on the list.

With RogueKiller everything is straightforward. Run program, fix errors – you’re done.

Lets talk “sterilizing”.
The mallitious software or files can be created on your hard drive. No problem – with antivirus + maintenance software find and eliminate.

Bigger issues arrise when the malicious software infects good software and files. Especially system sensitive files. I had one issue when the glorious “notepad” became infected, i was totaly unaware of this. After some days and antivirus updates it was clear that i had to say good bye to “notepad”. The antivirus could not fix the “infection in a file”. After deleting the actual program everything went back to normal. No more idiotic popups, disconnections and lag. Then i found a good notepad on the net and copyed it back to my system. You might have to do the same thing – eliminating the infection might require a reinstall of the actual infected software.

You do realize, that you must act quickly, because when you eliminate a widely spread infection, it might leave scars on your system and cripple it beyond conventional repair. In this case the antivirus might work against you, ripping all the guts out.

Now you are more aware of what is involved in keeping your device safe and functional. After securing your PC, and browsing the smart way, we can learn how to perform some basic maintenance on your machine.

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