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Blue Max gas powered chainsaws – Review

A cheap chainsaw, that has the potential to do the job. But the overall build quality has much room for improvement. Also many buyers, that have reviewed the chainsaw, are not pleased with the purchase, because the chainsaw has serious reliability issues. This saw is not meant for professional use. If youre not planning to do serious wood cutting, this saw might suit your needs.

The Pros:

Cheap, powerful.

The Cons:

Bar and chain oiler is prone to failure, causing excessive heating of the chain bar and seizing of the chain.

The chain tensioner is prone to failure.

The chainsaw is hard to restart when the engine is warm.

User manuals are poor.

Blue Max chainsaws are available in various bar sizes – read more: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”

How to adjust proper chainsaw chain tension

There is no way around this procedure, if you are an owner of a chainsaw. Do not be discouraged, the maintenance is quite simple and can be performed in couple minutes.

Tools you will need:
Equipment might vary depending on the type and manufacturer of the chainsaw. Basically you will need a socket wrench to loosen and retighten the chain bar. A flat head screwdriver to tighten the chain tension adjuster. That’s it!
With these two tools you can easy perform chain adjustments almost anywhere, be it in the garage or up in the tree.
And so it is a good idea to carry them with you.

After couple of chain tension adjustments it is wise to perform basic maintenance on the chain bar itself. This would include removal of the chain bar and chain, cleaning of the chain groove, deburring the chain groove or track with a flat file, lubrication of the front chain sprocket.

Correct chain tension:
Once again, this might wary between chainsaw manufacturers, but there are general guidelines:
1. No visible chain slack on the bar.
2. Some chain slack is allowed when pulling by hand, but the tip of the bottom chain tooth must sit in the chain groove 1 – 2 millimetres deep. Simply put, there is no possibility for the chain to jump of the bar, and possibly injure the operator. Of course, if you have read chainsaw safety post you already know the dangers.

Some chainsaws have so called tool-less chain adjusters. Such constructions have tensioners adjustable by hand, with a simple turn knob, which is then locked in position.