Protect your hearing when working with chainsaws – here is how

Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise from a working chainsaw might damage your hearing.
The damage does not occur instantly, rather it builds up over time. Reduced hearing sensitivity and headaches may follow.

You can experience the effects of temporary reduction of hearing sensityvity, even from a working cars engine. If the engine is on, and you pop the hood open, the noise is enough to temporary hinder your hearing. Thats just a crude example of how sensitive our hearing realy is. Please protect your hearing when working with all sorts of machinery, not only chainsaws.
There are plenty of special hearing protecting gear available. Ranging from earplugs to earphones. Use them!

You can use this protective gear everywhere you need something done, not only cutting trees with chainsaws. Trimming grass with a powerful gas trimmer is also noisy. Even with a good set of hearing protecting earmuffs the noise will get to you. You can choose by how much you can reduce this effect.
Another good use of earmuffs would be in your sawmill. Your quarry, if you have something to do with stone masonry. Also all metalworking is very noise intensive.

So, if youre a hands on person, and you like to do your own diy things, do it safe. There is no need to sacrifice your health for your hobby. Use hearing protection, enjoy good music, and your diy hobby 🙂