How To Keep Your PC Safe and Smooth For Free

Dear Reader,
I do think, that you already are familiar with the practice of safe internet browsing.
Things you should be cautious about are:

1. Do not use the default Internet explorer in Windows for recreational browsing.
If you are browsing the darker side of the internet in search for “free” or “cool” stuff, then you should know, that IExplorer always had, has and will have security issues. Because of the popularity of Windows, many viruses and other crawling cyber germs evolved around this operating system. I do not suggest switching straightaway to more robust Unix systems, because we want the pleasure of simplicity in our everyday lives, right?
So, to prevent these common pc diseases you should first try other browsing software instead. The best and fastest would be Opera or Firefox. Immediately you will see the decrease in nasty popups. After browsing clear your private data. These functions you will find in the browser menu. For example in Opera it would be so simple like Opera->Settings->Delete Private Data… Yes, the passwords also. Keep your Logins somewhere safe in a text file, archive it with a simple password, copy it on your flash drive just in case …you find something on the net so “cool”, that your PC can’t handle it… Anyway, using alternative browsers makes you immune to most mainstream attacks.

And yes, there are moments when using Internet Explorer is mandatory. For example most online banking services require IExplorer to be fully functional. Let’s assume for now, that online banking security is tight. Ticket registration services, e-stores and other sites. Just keep the practice of cleaning your pc after heavy browsing sessions, especially before logging in to perform any financial operations.

2. Get Antivirus software and update it regularly.
Cliche i know. There are plenty of antiviruses out there. Most of them will serve you well. Buy one or get one for free. I Used Norton, Mcaffe, both of them are excellent guards. There are tons of free antiviruses also. personally i like AVG. I used Avira on my older laptop for a year. Avira likes resources, my laptop did not have any left – they broke up… I do recommend that the antivirus and firewall function would be provided by the same software. All in one type of antivirus. I had issues in the past, when antivirus software of one developer conflicted with firewall software of the other developer.

To be Continued…
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Samsung GALAXY Tab3 – Review

Hello guys! Just wanted to share my impressions on my newly bought tablet PC, the

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. In black and with SIM/GSM/3G.

Since I spend much of my time online, listening to music or playing stream media. I wanted a smaller device, that would not be so cumbersome like my laptop or desktop. So I can easy drag it around the house with me.

The ritual of waiting for the PC to boot up, just to check my mail, reminders or the status of my financial operations really started to annoy me. So I needed a gadget to provide this fast trade monitoring, scheduling and planning platform for my activities. My smartphone could do the job, but I hate looking at tiny fonts. Some internet sites and services refuse to zoom in and that’s a real pain trying to pinpoint where I tap with my finger.

Keeping the above in mind, I went out hunting for a reasonable priced, fast internet surfer/all in one media player with a wide bright screen! After looking and asking around I decided on Galaxy Tab3 10.1 inch model. Well Samsung’s have quite a good reputation first. Second, the device quickly responded to my commands. The boot up time from complete shutdown is only 5 seconds. Lastly it had all the functions I needed and more. The screen is crisp and clear. Basically all tablets provide the same functions in the same price category. I chose mine, because I wanted the SIM card ability in my tablet. Just in case I needed access to internet somewhere outdoors.

Since my purchase, i had one major issue, because I left it in my car overnight. Who could have thought, that Galaxy did not like the freezing winter nights :). After the trip to the dealer, one “hard reset” and it was back on track again. The battery life is amazing. I get at least 8 hours of active online surfing. I cannot tell you, how much the battery holds in sleep mode though, guaranteed for a month. The adaptive sound feature is also great. I can adjust specifically to my headphones and my own hearing. The sound feels much clearer.

Some things need to be mentioned, so you do not get misled. Galaxy Tab3 does not support adobe’s flash player. That’s a strange thing for a media pc. After some research I found out, that Android is worried about huge amounts of data being sent accidentally through tablets SIM/GSM. Possibly leading to big bills for the unexpecting owner of the gadget. So to be on the safe side, the ability to load flashes was cancelled.

Except from the above, I can say, that Galaxy Tab3 is a really good purchase.
If youre interested in buying, click the link fore more details