Repel 100 insect repellent – review

Ahh… All the wonderful beauty of nature. Mountains, hills, woods, grass plains, rivers, creeks, untouched terrain. The sight nurtures your eyes. Fresh air and scents fill your lungs with radiant health. The sound of wildlife makes you calm and awake… You want to stay in this relaxed state. Undisturbed by minor irritating and pesky issues.

Anyway we all know, that being in nature means being part of nature. That means obeying the laws. And I’m not talking about police here. As you probably figured out, there are no civilians in nature. Everybody has to eat, right? And bugs are no exclusion.

This is a review of Repel 100 insect repellent formula. I can guess, that 100 in Repel 100 mean almost 100% DEET content. And this is where it gets serious, and not only for bugs. This product is not just some cover scent. The active ingredients can cause irritations if applied on damaged skin. Keep in mind that, if it gets bugs it can get to you also if improperly used. High concentrate and quantities can dissolve low density plastics, some synthetic fabrics and even lacquer. So do not overdo it on your clothes. Better to clean your hands after application, because you can damage your phone, camera, etc. Always follow recommendations on the package and you will be ok.

Despite the warning above, the protection Repel 100 provides is superb. The effect is instant and long lasting, providing 10 hour protection in relatively dry conditions. For damper conditions more frequent use might be needed. This formula is perfect not only for middle climate zones. If you are planning a vacation somewhere exotic, it is wise to seriously consider this product. Climbing that mountain, stalking game, camping or just plain having fun. Pushing hordes of bloodthirsty mosquitoes away will make your day.

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Husqvarna 450 Rancher – Review

Here is another excellent chainsaw model in a medium size category. It is easy to start, quiet and powerful. A great all round saw for woodworking, on top of that you get professional performance. Handles easily, is well balanced and runs smooth.

Ideal for firewood and small timber. It runs very well and cut’s through large tree’s without strain. Minimal effort is required from the operator’s side. That is, if you keep your chain sharp. For chain sharpening you can get a hand tool/file or an electric sharpener.

The overall construction is robust and can take a beating. But this doesn’t mean you can forget to take care of your equipment. With proper maintenance Husqvarna’s can last for many years.

Considering the engine size, the gas usage is moderate. You can see your fuel level through a built in sight glass.

Some users are complaining about small gas and oil caps on Husqvarna’s, but that shouldn’t be a big problem for most regular people on the earth. Also, most users who don’t read the manual until the end, experience strange engine starting issues. That is, if you leave the choke on, you will flood the engine, and simply – it won’t start. If you managed to flood the engine, just wait a couple of minutes and restart.

The Rancher 450 and other Husqvarna’s are very easy to perform post work maintenance on. The saw is almost self-cleaning. The centrifugal ventilation/cooling system prevents deposits of dirt and sawdust inside the saw. In most instances, a burst of compressed air cleans every cavity in the chainsaw. When you’re at it, do not forget to clean the air filter under the pop off cover.


Cylinder   displacement 50.2   cc
Power   output 3.2   hp
Chain   pitch .325″
Recommended   bar length, min-max 13″-20″
Chain   speed at max power 56.76   fts
Maximum   power speed 9000   rpm
Fuel   tank volume 15.22   fl oz
Fuel   consumption 504   g/kWh
Idling   speed 2700   rpm
Spark   plug NGK   BPMR7A, Champion RCJ7Y
Electrode   gap 0.02   “
Torque,   max. 2.6   Nm/7200 rpm
Sound   pressure level at operators ear 104   dB(A)
Sound   power level, guaranteed (LWA) 115   dB(A)

This is a great saw for first buy. Easily handles a 20″ bar for more performance. The Husqvarna 450 Rancher has a reputation of becoming a loyal workhorse around the household. No doubt, you will enjoy this saw.

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