How to Work Safely Using Chainsaws


Although the chainsaw is a popular tool for outdoors – it is not a toy. It cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. Be very careful when cutting small branches or even brushes, or any timber, where the tip of the chain guide/bar is not visible. You are setting yourself for “kickback”, and trust me, you will not like the view of the saw flying at your head. This usually happens when the saw tip does not cut, but flips the whole unit over. To avoid this, never “dig” your saw into the timber, the bar tip must always be visible. Cut with upper and lower edges of the bar.

One more thing to note is – prepare your workplace. The surface where you will be cutting must be stable. The surroundings must allow a quick escape. If the timber falls unpredictably, or a branch falls from a tree, you’d better be prepared to run or dodge, and not stumble on your own working saw. Don’t be lazy to clean up and prepare.

Always wear protective gear, does not matter, if it’s comfortable or uncomfortable, hot or cold. Get yourself some eye protection, kevlar pants or chaps and a helmet. A must if you’re even thinking of some serious woodworking.

A lesson about kickback:

Husqvarna 460 Rancher – Review

Husqvarna is a respectable name in the industry of outdoor power tools. The reputation is proven over periods of decades, with products suitable for professionals and regular consumers.

This is a review of a high class chainsaw, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher 20-Inch, with a 3.2Hp Gas Powered X-Torq engine. The saw is very popular among experienced users, and has good expert reviews.

New HUSQVARNA 460 Rancher 24″ 60.3cc 3.2Hp Gas Powered Chain Saw XTorq Chainsaw

The owner of this saw seeks professional performance on a budget, which might be your case.

Performance & Ergonomics:

The chainsaw is not your ordinary brush cutter, it comes with a 20 inch bar and ample of power. It is even able to perform with a 28 inch bar, but this is pushing the specification limits way too far. I do not encourage you do similar modifications, except regular maintenance. Although on the big side, it does not feel cumbersome. It is well balanced and runs smooth. Integrated anti vibration system noticeably reduces operator fatigue. Very fast and powerful saw, even if used with a standard Husqvarna square tooth configuration chain.

The Engine:

The chain is driven by a 60.3cc 2-Stroke engine with Husqvarna patented X-Torq system, which optimizes engine power, fuel consumption, internal engine lubrication and reduces emissions. That is why it’s called CARB compliant – it passes the air pollution standards set by the California Air Resource Board. This might be a important factor, based on where you live.

Although environmentally friendly on your property, the 60cc delivers excellent power and torque. The engine has a very durable forged crankshaft, allowing safe performance of the most difficult tasks outdoors. Enhanced durability and robust design ensures that, with proper maintenance, the Rancher 460 will serve the owner loyally for years.

Users do not experience any unusual starting issues. In most instances 2 pulls usually starts a cold engine.


The bar cover has a gap under the two locking bolts. This way you can see the chain stretch, and adjust or replace if necessary.

Recommendation is to use premium-high performance sorts of 2 stroke oils, for your high performing saw. The cheap “for everything” oils won’t do. Remember, that with high power you get higher engine temperatures, and with wrong lubricants – wear on the engine.

Also keep an eye on your oiler an oil supply. Setting the right amount of lubrication is critical, or you will burn your bar. For fueling – use the recommended 10% ethanol containing fuel mixture, as noted in the user’s manual, and you will be fine. Also do not forget to drain the fuel and let the saw run on an empty tank before storage. This way you will keep your carburetor in mint clean condition.


One thing is absolutely critical on 460 Rancher is always release the chain brake when taking the side cover off to change the chain or perform any adjustments. Because you will not be able to assemble the side cover back on without a special tool. The clutch cover assembly will have to be re-adjusted, so the saw must be sent to a local dealer for this job.

Overall specifications:

Cylinder displacement 60.3 cc
Power output 3.62 hp
Chain pitch .325″ / 3/8″
Recommended bar length,   min-max 13″-20″
Chain speed at max power 65.62 fts
Maximum power speed 9000 rpm
Fuel tank volume 14.88 fl oz
Fuel consumption 437 g/kWh
Idling speed 2700 rpm
Spark plug Champion RCJ7Y, NGK BPMR7A
Electrode gap 0.02 “
Torque, max. 3.4 Nm/7000 rpm
Sound pressure level at   operators ear 104 dB(A)
Sound power level,   guaranteed (LWA) 114 dB(A)

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